How to Make your Relationship “Perfect”

by Abhinav Mishra
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All of us had relationships that started on a magical rhythm. Everything seems to be as a world of Roses and Rainbows. You feel like you have finally found the love of your life. But the fact is 95 % of Romantic Relationships get broken after a decent amount of time.
We live in a world where making $1 million a year seems to be easier than finding and maintaining a perfect relationship.

It is tough because there exists no logical set of rules to figure out if you should jump into a relationship with this person or how long and healthy your love life with this person is going to last.

Well, I tried to fool you in the last line. There exists a formula to calculate how happy you can be with someone. It’s just a basic understanding of 3 major factors that people always ignore or don’t care about every time they are falling in love with.

full proof formula perfect relationship digivogue

Major Factors contributing to Perfect Relationship

We call it the 3 Subject Question Paper –

  • Part 1: Taste ( 25 Marks)
  • Part 2: Compatibility ( 50 Marks )
  • Part 3: Tolerance ( 25 Marks )

For someone to be a Potential Partner for you. After evaluating him/her the score should be Greater than 70.

But, wait a second. How can a person judge his/her “Crush or Boyfriend/Girlfriend” on the basis of this pattern?? It sounds rubbish, Isn’t it?

You may be amazed and have a lot of questions (and abuses) for me. But trust me, when I’ll explain these 3 levels you ‘ll truly be amazed.

Perfect Relationship Factor 1 – Taste

This part evaluates how appealing your crush/partner is in your eyes. Do you get excited every time you think about them? Is he/she a close comparison to the perfect partner you have always imagined in your eyes?

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Factor 1 – Taste

Give “Taste” marks to your crush on the basis of these parameters :

  • How attractive do you find him/her?
  • Will you share a kiss with him/her? (Thinking about kissing someone is the most valuable proof of attraction.)
  • Do you have a similar “Sexual Marketplace Values”?

Read this article to find more about sexual marketplace value and why it’s a key attribute.

If you can give more then 15 out of 30 marks to him/her. Your crush/partner is Tasty enough for you.

People always say that looks and personality don’t matter. Maybe they do or don’t. But if you are going to wake up next to someone for even a few days of life, seeing that person sleeping should at least make you blush.

Perfect Relationship Factor 2 – Compatibility

Let me tell you simply what compatibility means and why it’s the most valued level.
Suppose you are on a way to set up a business that will ensure your future and also will provide you time and money to fulfill your dreams and your crush/partner is also working so hard in his/her job to build a future.

Now you both are most compatible with each other. Yes, you will spend less time with each other but you’ll enjoy every moment that you can have together.

Similarly, if you are in college or you have tons of free time and your crush/partner also has a free life just like you. You both are compatible.

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Factor 2 – Compatibility

The major problems occur in the relationship is when one person is too free to spend all the emotions he/she has and the other person is into some other things also. This could not just be a career, it can be family, friends or he/she likes to enjoy flirting with random people just for fun leaving you craving for the attention of the person you love all way long.

Only a few relationships end because of Taste. Compatibility issues emerge as the biggest reason for break-ups nowadays. Think about how compatible you both are for each other. The cut-off mark is 35 out of 50

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Perfect Relationship Factor 3 – Tolerance

The last but the most crucial level is Tolerance. In a relationship, both the partners are human beings. You are not in a relationship with God, someone who never makes a mistake.

People tend to make mistakes. Your lover can forget your birthday, the Friday night date that you’ve been planning for more than a month, picking up you from a late-night shift, ignoring you when having the attention of other individuals of the opposite gender.

full proof formula relationship tolerance digivogue

Factor 3 – Tolerance

Figuring out how much you can tolerate that person is the sole dependency on how long your relationship is going to last. But, wait a second. Why did I call tolerance the most crucial level?

Your partner can make a mistake of sleeping with someone else. Will you tolerate that? If he/she apologizes and you forgive your partner. Will you still tolerate it if your partner does it again?

Based on your crush’s/partner’s characteristics, find out how many marks you can give him/her of tolerance.


I will not tell you the final cut-off out of 100. You should be smart enough to decide whether the scorecard of your partner appeals to you enough for having a relationship with him or her??

Below is a Beautiful Explanation by Sadhguru on The Perfect Relationship


Write in the comments how much marks you’ve given your crush/partner and what’s the decision you made??

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