7 Different Ways to Express your Love with your Partner

by Yashi Shrivastav
7 ways to express love with your partner digivogue

If you truly love someone, their happiness should be your First Priority.  If you want to maintain a Loving Relationship, then it is important to show your loved one that “What do you feel”, in ways which they can Understand and Appreciate. With little extra effort, you’ll be able to Express your Love and keep your Relationship going Everlasting.

What LOVE Actually is ??

One of the best feeling in the world is “LOVE” . It is a complex things , powerful but hard to define . For me the meaning of real love is –

“What you want is not important, but what the other person wants and needs is always Supreme “.

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what is love digivogue

Real Love

7 Different Ways to Express your Love with your Partner

1. Understand what your Partner feels

Try to understand what actually does your partner feel. Try to listen what they want to say. Make time for your partner. Express your Feelings and let them know about your love towards them. Your partner can’t read your mind, so express yourself in words when you find yourself admiring your partner.


understand what your partner feels express your love digivogue

Understand What your Partner Feels

  • You may feel more comfortable in writing out your feelings than saying them out, so write Cards or Letters to your Partner .
  • Leave a message for your Partner to show what do you think about them and about your care for them.

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2. Spend some Quality time Together

Make sure you set aside sometime to spend it alone with your Partner. Focus on your partner and discuss things that are meaningful to both of you. Avoid talking about “To – do’s, Kids or Money”. Make a Date Night and Enjoy doing something together.

You can discuss about the memories which you created together. Plan a Walk or Long Drive and enjoy the ride of Life.

spend some quality time together express your love

Spend Some Quality time Together

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3. Share Joy together

Celebrate every single moment with your Partner. Be there for your partner when things are difficult and most importantly be there where your partner experiences positive news. Show your support and share the joy together. Give your partner your full attention when he / she shares any news with you. Engage wholeheartedly with your partner.

share joy together express your love digivogue

Share Joy Together

4. Cook their Favourite Meal

Food holds more power than people may think. It also has ability to bring the people together. Nothing is better than coming home after a long day and finding someone has already taken care of your dinner, and also that the meal is one of your favourites.

cook their favourite meal

Cook their Favourite Meal

5. Make their Birthday Special

Again, this is only recommended if they actually like birthdays. Make your partner feel like the most important person in the world on their birthday. You need not to spend a lot of or even any money in planning their birthday or giving costly Gifts. Just make sure that you express your love into the all the things which you plan for them.

make their birthday special express your love digivogue

Make their Birthday Special

6. Put the Device Down

This is particularly important if you’re out having dinner or doing a specific activity together. Not being able to get through a single evening without being glued to your phone not only kills the romance, it’s also quite insulting. Try to spend some time by keeping technology away from your Relationship.

put the device down digivogue

Put the Devices Down

7. Discuss your Fantasies

Express your Trust to your Partner by sharing your Romantic and Sexual Fantasies with them, and let them do the same. Unless you’re furry, they’re probably not going to get freaked out. It’s important to keep your sex life active and not let it get stale.

couple hug kissing fantasies discussion express your love digivogue

Couple Hug Kissing


Love is the best feeling in the world. It is up to you that how would you treat your partner and how much you are dedicated towards your partner. Sometimes a single person matters you a lot that you can bear any Risk, or any thing just to be with them. Now a days, True love is rarely find because in today’s scenario Max people  just want a time pass. It’s my personal suggestion if you get your True Love Do respect and Love them as not everyone get’s a second chance in Life.

Do Share your Views and Thoughts how you Express your Love with your Partner.

Do you find your True Love ?

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