How to Start Yoga – A Beginners Approach

by Aditya Tripathi
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In the world of Yoga, there is a lot to learn, lot to discover and it is a world of Hidden Secrets. You have to explore the tradition of Yoga to get most out of it. It is advisable to start the Yoga Practice without getting overwhelmed.

Before you get into it, it is quite important to set the right kind of environment around yourself (both inside and outside). Thus it should be understand why to start Yoga before starting the Yoga Practice actually.

Why to start Yoga?

If you practice Yoga daily, you can experience a sense of happiness all along a day. It can help you stay healthy, fresh, calm, more productive and Happy all the day. You will feel more positive energy around yourself.

Yoga can give you both Physical and Mental Strength and nourishes your mind body and soul.

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How to start Yoga

Explore the Domain

The best way to learn and start yoga is by doing it. Before joining any Yoga Classes or Starting it at home, make yourself familiar with some Yoga Forms by exploring the domain of Yoga from the internet and Youtube. Lots of articles and videos are available on the Internet which enhances your knowledge.

Try to read about different varieties of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Practice, Ashtanga Yoga etc. Read about their History, their Health Benefits, their Practice and their Origination.

Learn Basic Poses

Familiarise yourself with basic Poses and Postures of Yoga-asana. Take the help of youtube to understand the correct Posture of Yoga Poses. Try to minimise the Error for maximum Health Benefits.

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Start with warm up Poses

If you join Yoga Classes then make sure you do not get confused by nomenclature as Different Yoga classes have different names for Yoga Poses. Some may use Hindi names while others may use their English names.

Figure out Needy Things

Before joining any yoga classes, figure out the things which you will need during the Yoga Practice. Some Teachers may suggest to use Yoga Mats. They are easily available on the market.

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Yoga Mat

Yoga mat can be helpful either you join any Yoga class or practice it at your own at home. It provides padding between your body and the ground.

Almost all the Yoga classes provide equipment required during the Yoga Practice like bolsters, blocks, blankets etc

Wear Comfortable Clothes

During the Yoga Practice, it is advisable to wear loose-fitting clothes which are comfortable to your body. Yoga works on the energy system of your body. During the practice, when energy begin to expand within you, you will notice tight-fitting clothes will not be comfortable with your body.

Different Yoga Poses works on different parts of body. Some posses may require stretching of your body parts thus it is quite beneficial to wear loose fitting clothes.

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Wear Comfortable Clothes

Practice Yoga

Practice on Empty Stomach

Make sure to practice Yoga with Empty stomach. The best time to do yoga is to do in morning at the time of sunrise. Drink 1-2 glass of water atleast 15 mins before starting the yoga practice. It would help to hydrate your body.

Focus on Breath

The most important and essential thing to do in Yoga is to Breathe. The inhalation and exhalation of breath along with the postures of Yoga is the first thing to focus on.

Start with practising breathing techniques like Dirga Pranayam, Kapalbhati Pranayam. Learn the basic techniques of Pranayam. The most importantly inhale and exhale through nose to belly.

Yoga – aasana (Pose)

Start with warm-up poses then move gradually to some Basic Poses.

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Make your Posture Error Free

Make sure you make correct posture of Yoga Poses. It would be highly helpful for you if you take some guidance from Yoga Instructor initially, as He/She can teach you to form correct posture. The posture is the key of any Yoga-aasana.

Practice Meditation

After the Yoga-asana, practice atleast 10-15 mins of meditation to calm your mind. It helps you to achieve mental peace and nourishes your soul.

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Practise Meditation

Always End with Shavasana

Always end your practice with Shavasana also called Relaxation Pose. Shavasana is a Yoga Pose in which you need to make your body lie flat on the ground (or yoga mat) just like a dead body.
It regulates your Blood Pressure and relaxes your body.

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Shavasana – The Relaxation Pose


The overall health benefits of Yoga are uncountable. It develops your body and mind. Practising Yoga makes your inner and outer atmosphere positive. It is always essential to practice yoga under the guidance of yoga instructor.
Yoga is not rocket science which can be difficult to start, but practising it on the daily basis can help you a lot. Always consult your doctor before starting yoga if you have any medical conditions.

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