The Perfect Relationship And its Future Goals

by Yashi Shrivastav
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Lots of People are in a Relationship. What is the Secret that some have Perfect Relationship while others have lots of Stress in their Relationship? What can be the Future Goals to make your Relationship Perfect.

What is The Perfect Relationship?

Two unperfect Individuals refusing to give up on each other and Accepting each other for the way they are without expecting any changes can be understood as The Perfect Relationship.

The true meaning of Relationship is breaking up soon and Engage with the same person for the future.

Being honest with each other, always being open to talk, never giving up on each other, working towards a Future together, working on your Relationship and making sure each other feel loved and special led to The Perfect Relationship.

Dos and Don’ts in The Perfect Relationship

  • Don’t be afraid to change with the times together.
  • Do things together.
  • Show your interest during the Conversation.
  • Don’t treat her like an alien on her Periods. She is also a girl and its a common phenomenon.
  • Give some chocolates stuffs and Forehead kisses.
  • Don’t force your partner by saying “you are so Intelligent, Study Tomorrow”, rather say “Beta padh le back aa jayegi, baat to kal bhi ho jayegi ” 
  • Try to say Sorry on your mistakes because it shows that your Love is lot more than your Ego.
  • Give her tight hugs when she is feeling lonely.
  • Try to avoid calling Mona, Baby, Baba, Laasun, Pyaaz, Tamatar rather you can use to call your partner like “Suniye / Sunaiye“. It seem good as well as it will bring smile on your Partner’s face .

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Future Goals for The Perfect Relationship


We are all humans and of course, many times you fall short of your kindness goal. But make it a goal to apologise quickly. Offer forgiveness quickly and reset your kindness goal as soon as possible.

Support  one another’s goals 

As important as it is to create a couple bubble in your relationship, you are two individuals who have goals and dreams of your own. Both of you need to feel that the most important person in your life (your Partner) supports and admires your goals and wants to celebrate your achievements.

Long term relationship goals

Long term relationship needs lots of efforts, faith, loyalty and transparency and if these little things are missing you can not achieve any relationship goals and cannot make your Relationship Perfect.

Get in the habit of picking up small thoughtful gifts

These do not have to be expensive, and especially if you are saving money together its best to stick with inexpensive or consumable Gifts, just to remind your Partner that you are still very interested in keeping the Romance alive.
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Surprise them with a Bouquet of Flowers


  • Pick up a colourful bouquet of flowers .
  • Play some romantic songs and dance together .
  • Watch some Romantic or Horror movies. Yes, I am suggesting you horror movies because if your partner has phobia of being scared it will help you to come more close with  them.

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If you want to keep relationship for long, if you want your relationship to be successful and Perfect, you have to give your full efforts because you have to give your full efforts in order to achieve something in your life. Focus on your Future Goals accordingly that empowers your Healthy Relationship and makes it Perfect.

Don’t be unromantic with your partner because some where it kills the Relationship. Being romantic with your partner its a very important thing in relationship. Don’t cheat your partner for someone else or for any one, be transparent with your partner, don’t try to hide anything because at last it will definitely revealed and it definitely hurts a lot. Try to convince your Partner when they gets angry, pamper them with your hugs, kisses. It will works and it will brings smile on your Partner’s face .

Do comments your Ways and Goals to make your Relationship Perfect.

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