What is your Strongest and Weakest Points in Relationship ?

by Yashi Shrivastav

The term DATINGrefers to a process through which a person gets together with another person to explore the possibilities of romantic and sexual coupling. So What’s your Strongest and Weakest points in the Relationship ? Let’ Explore….

The best way to truly learn about another person is to take the time needed to truly get to know them before making a commitment to them.

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What can be a favourite Sexual Memory between lovers ?

Its up to couples choice because getting Intimate with your partner is a Big Thing. Its a type of commitment that both should not leave each other in any circumstances. They together take their Relationship to the next level. May be you Enjoy Cuddling over Foreplay or even a small Hug can become a favourite Sexual Memory if performed so well and Enjoyed together with your Partner. 

Have you ever Kissed your Partner so Passionately that both of you experienced an absolutely different level of existence where nothing else existed except for the sensations of the touch, the grab, the hold, the smooch, the sweetest and strongest feeling of Loosing your Individual Existence in each other’s  arms.

Strongest Weakest Point in Relationship Kissing Digivogue

Strongest and Weakest Point in Relationship – Favourite Sexual Memory

What can lover do to make her/his partner Trust even more in a Relationship?

Trust is very important thing in any Relationship because without Trust you can’t able to run a Relationship . It’s a trust where Relationship works smoothly till the end of Life. Your Trust and Loyalty plays a very Important role. Transparency with your Partner is very Important in a Healthy Relationship. It’s your choice how you can build a Trust between you and your Partner.

One of the Important to way to gain Trust is to remain Faithful. From being Faithful means that Faithful in all Levels – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Make your thoughts Transparent with your Partner. It’s your duty to make your Relationship a Top Priority. Keeping your Relationship on Top Priority melts the Heart of your Partner and Builds the Trust in it.

Strongest Weakest Point in Relationship Trust Building Digivogue

Strongest Weakest Point in Relationship Trust Building

What should you do to make your Partner Feel Safe ?

Make him/her feel Safe and Comfortable with you is like Eating an Ice Cream before melting. You have to do something like Plan and Create Small Moments to make him/her feel Happy, try to pay attention to all the thing which your partner wants to say with you, try to understand his/her feelings.

Converse with your Partner about good stuffs that enhances the quality of Bond between both of you. Most of the time our Conversations are Complaining which creates the gap between Couples. Let your Partner know all the Happy and Loving thoughts which you feel about him/her. These little things matters a lot.

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Strongest Weakest Point in Relationship Make Her Comfortable Digivogue Make your Life Easy

Strongest Weakest Point in Relationship Make Her Comfortable

When you are with your Family or Friends, Make your Partner feel that he/she is still your Priority.

Whether you are either with your Friends or with your Family, you definitely have make your Partner Feel that He/She is your Priority . It’s a Genuine thing if you love your partner truly its will become your Priority automatically. Their everything matters you a lot. Their Presence should matters a lot to you.

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Conclusion –

A RELATIONSHIP between two people is really a Very Special Thing. If you have SOMEONE, who understands your Love, to make them Happy Every time matters you a lot, then you have already achieve that part of Success which others wants.

Imagining your whole Life with Someone is a great Feeling. Someone whom you can Trust blindly, tell each and every incident which happens in your Daily Life, a person who is really special for you, who Enlighten your world with His/Her Presence, its a non expressible Feeling in the World. 

Do you have some Loving Moments with your Partner which you want to Share with the World ? The Moments that are very Heartful to you? Among above what’s  your Strongest and Weakest points in your Relationship?

Feel free to Express your Love.

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